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Hunger relief

#More Than Soup

Hunger remains an issue for many people in South Africa. So we still support community run kitchens.

We are one supporter of 8 kitchens in Fisantekraal. We provide LPG gas for cooking and as much of the necessary dry ingredients as funds allow.

We have a few churches, businesses, and individuals who give regularly to this fund. 

Every donation makes a difference.


If you would like to give regularly, or once off, to help these kitchens feed their hungry neighbours, please select the More Than Soup option in the donor form. Or use MoreThanSoup as your donation reference.

Online Payments (PayFast/PayPal)
Direct Deposits

Account Name:    Mercyaids

Name of Bank:     First National Bank

Branch Code:       210655

Swift Code:          FIRNZAJJ

Account No:         62529725775

Branch Name:      Tygervalley

Account Type:      Business Cheque Account

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How Else To Get Involved
Holding Hands
Become a regular donor

Regular financial contributions are always needed and appreciated. Please consider setting up a regular donation through your chosen donation platform.


Without a strong team of volunteers we cannot do very much. There are lots of ways you can get involved. Email for more information.

Happy Woman
Become an ambassador

Talk about us & what we do everywhere you go. Give out our website address. Follow us on facebook, instagram or twitter and tell your friends to follow us too. 

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