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Practical compassion
motivated by love.


As restrictions ease hunger is still a reality.

Please continue giving towards food relief

As we increase our development activities watch out for opportunities to be involved

Covid-19: Our 2021 Response

Feeding the hungry

The crisis may have abated but there are still many hungry people. We are no longer supporting  the large number of kitchens. Currently we are ...


Developing sustainable safe spaces

In keeping with our #morethansoup thinking, we are...

Covid-19: Our 2020 Response

Feeding the hungry in a crisis

Keeping with our vision, mission and practice for our 15 years as an organisation, we responded to the impact of the lockdown in April - which was huge and widespread - with practical support in the form of food and emotional/psychosocial care.

2022  moving beyond Covid-19


We are still asking for financial donations to help us help community care workers meet the continued need for food support.


We are asking for financial donations for the developmental projects and programs that will help create safer communities for our children and those who care for them.


Soup kitchens and community gardens remain at the centre of care.

Donating details here 

Please fill out the Donor Information form, and check the Section 18a box if you require a tax receipt.

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