Practical compassion

motivated by love.

Covid-19: Our 2021 Response

Feeding the hungry

The crisis may have abated but there are still many hungry people. We are no longer supporting  the large number of kitchens. Currently we are involved directly with 15 kitchens across wider Cape Town, five of these are in Fisantekraal. For all of these kitchens we are one of their sponsors for food. Whilst we do need to raise funds to do our part to keep these pots full, as long as is necessary, we are no longer focused on relief.


Developing sustainable safe spaces

In keeping with our #morethansoup thinking, we are now involved with establishing sustainable gardens to address food security and dignity. And also with creating child friendly hubs of care to address psychosocial needs of children and their families.


We are still asking for financial donations to help us help community care workers meet the continued need for food support. And we are asking for financial donations for the developmental projects and programs that will help create safer communities for our children and those who care for them with the soup kitchens and gardens at the centre of care.

Donating details here please request a sections 18a Tax Certificate if you require one

Covid-19: Our 2020 Response

Keeping with our vision, mission and practice for our 15 years as an organisation, we responded to the impact of the lockdown in April - which was huge and widespread - with practical support in the form of food and emotional/psychosocial care.

We contacted organisations and individual care givers that we had worked with - where we had mutual relationships of trust and accountability, where we knew that vulnerable and needy people would be treated with love and dignity - and together built a network of kitchens run by people with the same heart.


With the generous financial support of individuals, churches and businesses many people received cooked food and food parcels to feed and care for their families through the hunger crisis.  At the height of the hunger crisis we worked with 35 kitchens across various communities to feed those who were unable to provide food for themselves and their children.

From October the situation began to change as the crisis lessened. We then began a journey towards the #morethansoup development strategy we had in mind when we rose to the challenge of a hunger crisis.

We are thankful for everyone who gave financially and of the time and energy in 2020.