COVID - 19 Our response

Keeping with our vision, mission and practice for the past 15 years, we are responding to the impact of the current lockdown situation - which is huge and widespread - with practical support in the form of food and emotional/psychosocial care.

We have begun to assist organisations and individual care givers that we have worked with - where we have mutual relationships of trust and accountability, where we know that vulnerable and needy people are treated with love and dignity, where people get the help they need to feed and care for their families through this current crisis and as the lockdown comes to an end.


We are asking for financial donations to help us help community care workers meet the increased need for food support. Our heart is to see that those doing the work, and the members of their own households, are not going hungry as they seek to meet the increased need. At the same time we would like to provide means for them to meet this increased need. This could be giving food in various forms for them to give out to families or giving them money for them to purchase what they need.

All donations, in whatever form will be accounted for and 100% of Covid-19 donations will go to where the need is. We do not deduct admin, transport, or any other fees.

To Donate

Banking details here please use COVID as your reference.

Soup for today

Food is coming

the people hear

when? they ask


not soon enough, we fear

We'd love every household to have food in their homes. And we keep pushing towards this with the food parcels, but people are hungry now, today.

So what better way to feed someone today (while they wait for food in their homes) than to support those in the community who already cook and give soup to others - the so called soup kitchens or sop aunties. And, while we're at it, find others who are willing to start and help them get going.

Let's keep filling the pots


If you would like to donate specifically towards these daily feeding schemes - to buy ingredients, gas/electricity, and equipment - the banking details are  here please use SOUP as your reference.

If you would rather give ingredients click on the pot for details of how to do that.

...God is a father for the fatherless


and a judge who defends widows.         

God causes the lonely to dwell
together as a household 
Psalm 68:5-6 (EHV) 

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