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Most of our activities are in and around Cape Town but we are willing to work wherever we can make an impact. Our main focus community is Fisantekraal and we have a long association with Du Noon.  We are currently running a pilot course for parents in Darling and recently completed another new course, about HIV & Children, in Khayelitsha.

Also, after Kay's visit to Liberia in 2012, we have a growing interest in seeing projects there flourish. We especially want to encourage support for the school building projects Kay encountered there.


Fisantekraal is in many ways our home community.  It is where we began in 2005, with our first family support program.  It is where we run our Kids' Clubs and support groups. In fact, everything we do we either do it first in Fisante (as it is known) or, if we develop something somewhere else, we are always looking to see how we can bring it there. It is where most of our volunteers are involved. Why not join us there?


In 2012 we helped to establish the Fisantekraal Shalom Trust - a child care forum made up of a group of organisations and individuals working together for the sake of all the children of the community.  In 2013 we will work out our collaboration with Connect Network around their Child Ambassador program, which will include a Super Club.

Read more about the community of Fisantekraal and the Fisantekraal Shalom Trust

Du Noon


In 2008 we began our involvement with Patricia Fakema and Zusakhe, in Du Noon.  We have walked with her and watched the work grow from one room to a thriving community project. We have learned some amazing lessons from Patricia and value her input. We have seen a preschool established and resourced with toys and jungle gyms.  We have watched preschool teachers develop.  We have supported Patricia, cheered and cried as she has developed a strong network for people with HIV.  She has home base carers and support groups.  We have been able to support the soup kitchen that feeds vulnerable children.  The project also now has swop-shop where people from the community can swop their recyclable trash for food and clothing.  It is a wonderful initiative. 

We would like to continue supporting Patricia and her organisation Zusakhe. She will soon have a fully functioning NGO.  What a celebration! Then we would like to see her establish a board to help her carry the load; committed people, willing and able to provide the support she needs to run all her programs effectively.

In 2013 we will be part of a rolling out the We Have Hope project in Du Noon.


​​In July 2012 Kay went with The Thando Trust to pilot the We Have Hope project in Monrovia.  This project is one of the collaborated projects we are very excited about.  Barbara and Kay were part of a team that helped edit and write new material for the curriculum that was used.  For two weeks adults were empowered to work with orphans and vulnerable children and run support groups that build hope.  If you'd like to know more you can download the report.


While in Liberia, Kay was deeply impacted by the Nation and the way the people are rebuilding it themselves after a 40 year war.  The highlight of her trip was meeting Pastors of the various churches she visited and seeing them taking the mandate of caring for the poor and the orphan very seriously, even though many of them were poor themselves.  Pastors are taking in orphans as their own, feeding the poor and doing many acts of righteousness in the communities where they live.

Something that really moved Kay was hearing the hearts of the these Pastors, both male and female, as they spoke about the need to keep children safe and have places to teach them. And seeing the way churches are responding to this need by building schools. At the one school, the children were doing lessons under the trees as the school was being built around them.


We would like to see what we can do to see these schools completed.  There are materials in Liberia, what is needed is teams of skilled construction people and people who like to work hard to go and help finish the schools quickly.  We are currently in communication with Youth With A Mission in Liberia to help house the teams that come to FIX A SCHOOL. Please contact us if you would like to get involved in this project in some way.



We met Louise, the Social Worker from the Darling Outreach Foundation in 2010.  Our contact was renewed in the middle of 2012 when we began to discuss running some workshops for the parents of children in the various programs at 'Ons Nessie', the Foundation's centre in Darling.

In November and December we ran the first half of the 4 session Parenting as Discipleship course we developed for them. We'll run the second half in early 2013.  Developing and presenting this course has been both challenging and exciting. Challenging, in that the home and family contexts of the participants are frequently difficult and sometimes heart-breaking. Exciting because it has given us an opportunity to take the values and methods we use in children's support groups and adapt them to a family or household context. So far the sessions have been well received.  Our hope is that at the end of the course the parents will establish a support group amongst themselves to make the learning more sustainable.

An added positive has been the fact that Barbara's co-facilitator in this process has been one of our associates from Fisantekraal; a local pastor who we've worked with since 2010.  His input and insight have enriched the whole project.  

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