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Through experiential learning workshops, practical interventions,  community involvement and partnerships we aim to aid communities to become safe, hope filled environments that allow and encourage children to became all that they are created to be... 

One of the main things we do as an organisation is training.  We believe in finding ways to come along side communities and as much as possible to use experiential learning exercises to teach difficult concepts. 

We believe it is our mandate to equip the community...

The power to change a community into a safer, better place for children lies in the hands of the adults in that community.  We believe in empowering the local community to run Kids' Clubs, support groups, workshops etc.   However, this is a very slow process in the communities we work in.  A lot of the adults we work with have not had adequate education...

In the communities we work in there are a lot of social problems.  There are high levels of poverty, drug/alcohol abuse, underequipped schools and clinics.


We have seen through our work in Fisantekraal  and the other communities we have worked in over...

We believe in the active mobilization of social, economic, and legal resources for the purpose of ensuring the individual child's basic rights and developmental needs (including those related to home, community, clinic and school)...

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fisantekraal children
Fisantekraal children

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