The Father's House

The Father’s House Christian Fellowship (FHCF) is a church situated in Bellville, Cape Town. It has a strong commitment to facilitating and promoting justice, mercy and healing.

From the beginning of MercyAIDS, the Father’s House has been closely involved with its founding and continued growth and development. Holger and Kay have been members of the church since they moved to Cape Town over 10 years ago. Kay is on the church staff.

The current partnership exists on three levels:




Through our partnership with the Father’s House, we have a good governance structure that provides wise counsel, prayer support, care and financial accountability, all of which are vital to   run a faith-based NPO successfully.

A large portion of our volunteer base consists of members of the Father’s House. The congregation is regularly encouraged to get involved in what we do, especially in Fisantekraal.​

Staff and ministries of the Father’s House regularly offer their time and expertise and run their programs alongside what we are doing in community – particularly those involving children (e.g. Inside Out), healing (e.g. Steps to Abundant Life) or food and other practical help (e.g. Jesus In Action).

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fisantekraal children
Fisantekraal children

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