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​It was during our work with Philippi Trust camps that we came to be convicted that the most effective ways to work with large numbers of children is to divide them into smaller groups led by trained facilitators. The camp work soon was followed up with kids club and support group work in Community. 

Children respond very well to small group intervention with trained adults that are skilled at working with children's pain.  We have run and can run small group activities on a wide variety of children's issues.

In 2012 MercyAIDS started carrying psycho-social children's work in Fisantekraal. We ran 12 weekly kids clubs between August and December and one Super Saturday event; working within the context of small groups within a big group.

This year we worked in collaboration with FHCF to run Inside Out groups in Fisantekraal.  In Inside Out, for 6 consecutive weeks, a small group of children do activities and games aimed at helping them deal well with a variety of emotions.  This pilot in Fisantekraal has been very encouraging as the children respond very well to this type of intervention.

In 2013 we will introduce the Child Ambassador program in smaller groups in Fisantekraal.  These support groups will then feed children into the Kids Clubs and visa versa and we hope that this intervention will impact the community of children with tools to grow in resilience in their lives, in a sustainable intervention, that impacts their future.

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fisantekraal children
Fisantekraal children

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