Our programs are the 'hows' for the 'whats'. They fall into two categories:


  • those where we are directly involved in running activities - "Mercy as aid"


  • those where we come alongside community based organisations to help them gain access to resources  - "aid to mercy"

Every program works towards fulfilling our vision. And each provides an avenue for you to get involved as a volunteer and an opportunity for you to give.

COVID - 19 Our response

Community food support initiatives

We are working with community based organisations (CBOs) and care workers (CCWs) to help them get food, and other support, to the households they are already caring for. Together, as a group, we assess the needs and appropriate responses. Assistance could be in the form of food parcels, ingredients for 'soup kitchens', grocery vouchers, electricity vouchers, etc. And we agree on ways of keeping track of the whole process - what comes in, what goes out & to whom, what challenges, what changes, and so on.

It is important to note that together we try to ensure that we do not give assistance that is not needed. If a household or organisations receives assistance from other sources we respond appropriately.

We aim to see each of these care workers having what they need to keep caring in a safe and sustainable way. We want each CCW to have enough food for themselves and their household, to have appropriate PPE (masks etc), and the means to meet the food needs of those they care for.

We provide psycho-social support to each of the CCWs we work with.

Currently our focus is Fisantekraal and Du Noon but that might increase.

Collaborated responses

We are working with various groups in Durbanville to source food parcels and other assistance that they can provide for Fisantekraal and others for Du Noon. Our facebook page gives links to these as they happen and gives a running commentary of how the response is working out.


We have launched an appeal to fund this response. 

COVID - 19

South Africa is currently in lockdown under State of Disaster Regulations


All regular programs are on hold as we carry out our response to the impact of this.

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Fisantekraal children

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