Parenting as Discipleship Workshops

We offer training for running clubs and groups for children. We offer groups for children themselves. We help communities form forums and networks for the benefit of children. All of these are important. And, where there is a lack of parental care - for whatever reason, these things are vital.

BUT first prize will always be good parenting. So, with this in mind we recently piloted a series of workshops called "Parenting as Discipleship" in Darling. This particular series had 4 workshops in it and the topics were negotiated beforehand, but we can adjust both the number of workshops and their focus or content.

The Darling workshop sessions covered:


- of the parent

- of the child

- of parenting

Dreams, discipleship & discipline:

- having dreams for our children around character and the ability to make choices

- modelling what we desire to see

- building a trust relationship

- some practical ideas of how to apply the process to specific situations

Relationships & resilience:

- listening

- keys to building strong children

- maintaining our own resilience

Surviving school:

- preparing kids for school

- setting up structure

- homework strategies (whatever your own literacy level)

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