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Every human being needs and wants to belong somewhere.  Children need a safe place where they can be known by name, where they are accepted. Where they can have fun, play games, interact with other children and safe adults. Sometimes, for a whole host of reasons, home is not this place for some children. For other children, home is a safe nurturing place but they want more, or their parents see that there is more.   Kids Clubs are designed to be such places.

It is possible, without needing expensive resources, to establish good Kids Clubs in any community. The main resource needed is safe, trained adults who set aside time regularly to spend time with a group of kids, usually as part of a team. 

​We run two forms of training.

One is for organisations or groups who want to run Kids Clubs.  We arrange and present workshops to help them with all aspects of that. 

The other is for the volunteers who work in our Kids Clubs in Fisantekraal.  This is an ongoing process that happens for two hours in the morning of every weekly kids club. We cover the same aspects as in the workshop training but also address specific issues as they arise week by week.

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Fisantekraal children

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