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One of the keys to breaking the negative cycles of poverty, violence and poor life-style choices is education.  We know that education is about more than just schooling. But completing school is important.  We encourage all the children and youth we work with to stay in school. We teach them that being at school is not enough. They need to pay attention, ask questions, do homework, study - whatever it takes to make the most of the opportunity they have.

With this in mind one of the expressed needs of the youth has been for help with homework and study skills. Language is really the main issue for most of the kids with most of the subjects. This and inconsistent teaching standards. You don't have to be a teacher to help - if you can read and simplify you can help. You don't have to come to all three sessions.  It really makes a difference and it's a really rewarding experience.

144 - 410 NPO

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fisantekraal children
Fisantekraal children

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