HIV & Children

MercyAIDS was founded with a desire to lessen the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic on children.  So from the outset we have had the dual focus of HIV and CHILDREN. We have seen the introduction of medical interventions, such as ARVs and the prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV programs. And we celebrate the success of these interventions. Yet HIV remains a major cause of vulnerability for our children and youth. And as long as it does, we will do what we can to reduce that vulnerability.

HIV is, unfortunately, just one of many many ways in which our children are at risk.  The death of a parent is not the only way a child becomes an 'orphan'.  Poverty, alcohol and drug abuse, domestic and other violence are some of the issues affecting our children - making them vulnerable.  Our aim is, through collaboration and community involvement, to see that children get the 'aid' they need to break these negative cycles.  

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fisantekraal children
Fisantekraal children

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