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The Fisantekraal Shalom Trust is a collective, Christ-centred initiative aimed at addressing the situation facing the children and youth of Fisantekraal.  In essence it is a Child Care Forum.  Organisations and individuals, who are already working towards making Fisantekraal a safer, better place for children, join forces on some projects.    This initiative began as a result of a 3 day consultative workshop which MercyAIDS facilitated in August 2012.

However, there's a story behind the story... 

The story behind the story...

The one common denominator in our team besides the fact that we are Christians, is that we share a heart to see communities transformed.  In 2009 we felt as a team that it was now time to go into Fisantekraal long term. For the next 2 years we worked on laying a strong foundation. At the back of our minds was the idea of a place, some sort of centre to house our training and programs - those we were running and the expansions we envisioned.

We ran training courses, built relationships with churches and others and worked with them to create awareness around the needs of children. We recruited volunteers in Fisantekraal and from outside, we ran camps & kids clubs and support groups.   After a "dream" year in 2010: when we had ample sponsors, finance and volunteers, we decided to look into buying land and building suitable premises to house our "therapeutic practice - with a heart for development by empowering local community.  The "original" Fisantekraal Shalom Trust, started in 2011 by the Father's House Christian Fellowship and Philippi Trust, was aimed at fund-raising to make this dream a reality.

WIth the funding crisis hitting an all time high in the 12 years of us working in South Africa, as a team we decided, at the beginning of 2012, to not be governed by money and to keep on working in the community centre and library.  At the same time we started talking to more organisations working in Fisantekraal and started hearing similar needs expressed by people.  A need to belong to something bigger than themselves, a need to work  together and support each other. 

In August 2012, we called together the organisations we had been introduced to and had met with over the years. We set aside three days to dream, pray and collaborate on how to work together in Fisantekraal. People from outside of Fisantekraal, who have a heart for transformation of this community, joined us.  Together we looked at the unique context of Fisantekraal.  We identified and selected things we could work on together for the children of Fisantekraal.   The early stages of the FST which is a CCF in essence was set in motion.

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