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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do we raise funds? And other things financial

Money is a means to an end.  We do a lot with little, but we can be more effective & help more children if we have money to run projects. The team's salaries are all covered from other sources, but projects have costs.  From time to time, we generate some income from courses we run for organisations with funding. Occasionally government and other public funds are available for projects, but this is not a sustainable funding source.  We are looking for partners - businesses & individuals who are willing to contribute financially towards the work we do. Partners who (literally) buy into  the heart of what it is we do and why we do it. 



Who are we accountable to?

We have two boards - one in Germany, one in South Africa.  They monitor all aspects of our work - the what, the why and the how. They handle the finances and keep accounts, which are audited.   As  part of Connect Network, we subscribe to various codes of practice and through their QIS program are receiving training in best practises for a Christian NPO running for the benefit of children.


We are also accountable to our supporters, donors and beneficiaries. We are open and transparent with those who support us in prayer, those who give us financial assistance or goods and with the children, youth and adults we work with.   



How do we choose projects?

The short answer is 'prayer, fit, opportunity and availability'.  Whenever we are faced with a new possible project we prayerfully explore and discuss it.  We check to see if it fits within our vision and mandate. We examine issues of timing and the potential impact on current projects and future direction.  Practical constraints are also taken into account.  

We are constantly aware of new needs to be addressed, especially in Fisantekraal. And, from time to time, we are approached by someone with a need they think we can help address.  We know we can't, and are not called to, meet every need or address every situation affecting children.   However, we do look at what's in front of us in the way described above. So if you have a project you think we could get involved in contact us.



What do you mean by Christ-based or Christian?


The reason we do what we do, and the way we do it, comes from our being followers of Jesus.  We're convinced that God is in the process of restoring this broken world. And it is this hope that we carry into the communities where we work - to all the children and their care-givers whatever faith they profess.



Can I be involved even if...?

...I don't want to work directly with children......I don't have a lot of time......I'm retired......I'm still at school......I'm not a Christian...

​These are just a few of the 'even ifs'  we've heard.  We're a volunteer organisation, by definition we need volunteers - and not just for the work with children.  How much time a volunteer gives is negotiated with the volunteer.  Your age is a number, we have volunteers of all ages.  And finally, not being a Christian doesn't exclude someone from volunteering with us.

So if  you think you want to be involved, even if there's a 'but' - contact us.

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