BBS Goslar Team coming to Cape Town

At the end of 2009 a teacher from BBS Goslar did the Resilient Kids training and began to dream of bringing a group of students to Cape Town.  The dream, which was shared and discussed with Kay, Hoger and Barbara began to grow and take shape.  Discussion moved from 'wouldn't it be great if...' to 'this is how it can work...' and the concrete realisation of the dream began to take shape.


Eventually dates were set, the programme was advertised at the school and many students showed interest. Earlier this year Barbara spent 3 weeks in Goslar where she met the team that will come in September and others who want to come in the future. She spent time at the school with staff and students talking about South Africa, Cape Town, Fisantekraal and the work we do.  She also learned about Germany, Goslar and the issues they face.   The programme has the full support of the school principal and staff and will be a great experience for all of us.

The team arrived in Cape Town at the end of September and spent 3 weeks with us.  After some practical & theoretical training they helped facilitate 3 of our regular Fisantekraal Kids Clubs. They taught us all lots of new games and introduced some dances to us.  The team then led the small groups and some large group sessions on a weekend experiential learning camp. At this camp they helped youth from Fisantekraal explore the theme of "Life's a Journey".


The team spent a day doing a make-over on a house in Fisantekraal. The house belongs to one of the churches we partner with and will become home to 4 orphaned children early next year.


Visiting museums and watching "A Woman in Waiting" at the Baxter Theatre gave the team a better understanding of historical and cultural contexts in South Africa. Lots of discussions took place comparing and contrasting our context with theirs in Germany. The team made a lasting impact here but will take back many lessons that they can apply to their work with children in Goslar.


Trips around the peninsula and into the winelands gave the team opportunity to process the things they experienced in training and in community. 


We hope this is the first of many such exchanges. We've already begun a whole new set of "what if?" and "just imagine" conversations.


Watch this space!

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Fisantekraal children

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