Children's HIV Training

We currently have two main courses relating to the issues of children's HIV.  One addressing the area of disclosure - the concept of telling a child he or she is HIV+ and all that that involves. The other relating to the counselling and testing of children for HIV.

In addition to these full courses we can offer workshops and facilitate discussion groups on other aspects of children & HIV.

Children's HIV Disclosure Training

For HIV positive children to live full, productive lives; to make healthy, positive life choices; to marry and have children, they need to know their HIV+ status as early as possible.

With the support of caring, listening, informed adults a child can come to terms with what it means to be HIV+; how it impacts his or her life. 

There are many factors that affect the process of telling a child that he or she is infected with the HIV virus; the process known as  Child Disclosure.

We have, through our work  with MSF-Khayelitsha, developed a training course that helps adults to disclose a child's HIV+ status in a way that is safe for the child.

Children's HIV Testing & Counselling

The issues relating to children's HIV status are varied and complex.  Obviously the health and treatment of an infected child is important but added to this there are many emotional, psycho-social factors at play too.     

In February 2013 the HSRC launched new guidelines around the "legal, ethical and counselling issues

related to HIV testing of children".  These guidelines are designed to help make the process of testing children safer for the children. They also offer a framework for discussion of the related issues of sex, sexuality, relationships & lifestyle choices

With the guidelines comes training resources and we will be using these resources to help organisations and churches get a fuller understanding of the counselling and testing process for children.

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