Once upon a time,

before the introduction of ARVs,

the virus opened the door to death​

For children, always the most vulnerable,

dreams of a future were cut short

The death of even one child is too many
HIV multiplied that unacceptable number
We honour the memory

of every child whose life was cut short

by the impact of HIV

Now that we have available treatment
Let us do all that we can to ensure that
and stigma
do not hold open the door

that ARVs have helped

to begin to close

Children & HIV

If you read our history in the Founder's Story you will see that a key focus area for MercyAIDS has always been children made vulnerable by the HIV/AIDS pandemic.


The impact of HIV on a child can take many forms, with a lot of factors at play. We want to help lessen that impact as far as possible. Whether it is the children themselves who are infected, or somebody close to them, we want the children's lives to be as healthy and 'normal' as possible. We want them to be given truth (not just information) - in a way that is age appropriate. So that they can make responsible, healthy life choices -whatever their HIV status.


HIV is not simply a medical issue, although it is that too. And it isn't just about information, though education about HIV is important; especially relating to children and youth. We believe that the Church has a crucial role to play in creating the right kind of environment for the fight against HIV/AIDS to be won. An environment filled with grace, love and hope rather than one of judgement, fear and stigma.

We offer training and workshops related to HIV & Children

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Fisantekraal children

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