Balula Home Based Care and Craft Centre

Balula Home Based Care and Craft Centre is an organisation based in Fisantekraal that provides day care services to children with severe to profound intellectual disability.  


Over the past 10 years we have seen that there are people in communities we work in who have a heart to see the poverty that surrounds them change.  Anthony & Cynthia of Fisantekraal are one such couple.  


They have a heart for children with disability and since there was no facility in Fisantekraal to address the needs of these children during the day they used what they had - their own income and property - to set up the day care centre. 


They have all the paperwork, a board, NPO registration, and even qualified for DSD funding.  Which they have now received, along with the mandate to provide care of 20 children with disablity in the greater Durbanville/Kraaifontein area - not just Fisantekraal - from January 2016.


However, they have huge needs to address to be able to adequately run what they are funded to do in January 2016. Their DSD funding does not cover, amongst other things, the cost of making their facilities fully compliant to the regulations.   They have passion, skills, commitment, and now a level of recognition by the government department responsible to see that care is provided to children with disabilities.  What they do not have are the resources they need to run this project effectively.  


Their vision is to have a full blown day facility in Fisantekraal as a drop in centre for the disabled.  A place where there will be interactive programs addressing the psychosocial needs and other needs.  Negotiations are underway with the City to obtain land but in the meantime the current temporary facility needs upgrading. 


So one immediate short term need is building supplies.  They have obtained a quote from a building supplier of around R9500 for the materials needed.


In addition to this they need furniture and equipment to be able to run their program properly.  We have a list of items needed.


Another obstacle they will face when they reopen in January is that of transport for the children living in other parts of Durbanville and Kraaifontein.


If you are in a position to assist, or know of someone who may be able to, please contact us. 

144 - 410 NPO

PBO 930 049 584

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fisantekraal children
Fisantekraal children

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