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fisantekraal children
Fisantekraal children

Last updated: 2019/10/02

Case advocacy

"Case advocacy is intervention on behalf of another person, to assist that person to obtain a service or resource to which he or she is entitled"

Empowering a community involves helping its members - adults, youth and children, find their voices, to begin to say what they need/want and explore ways of meeting the expressed need/desire. In other words, case advocacy. Without labelling it, this is what we have always done in our training courses, workshops and in the support groups we run - with adults, youth and children.

Some key elements in case advocacy include:

 - Listening

 - Giving the person (adult, youth child) the opportunity to make their own case; self-advocate

 - Helping them to access legitimate authority
 -Helping to equalize power base (model how to use authority appropriately; to act responsibly)
 - Bringing reality to the situation
 - Persisting with the person in a consistent manner until meaningful resolution is gained
 - Teaching skilful ways to disagree with people; role model appropriate dispute resolution
 - Creating safety, putting in place safeguards