In the communities we work in there are a lot of social problems.  There are high levels of unemployment, poverty, drug/alcohol abuse, under-equipped schools and clinics. Read more about thisFood is a real need for many families in our communities and there is real lack of adequate service delivery. In our efforts of care in the communities we work in we would like to see the clinics, schools and services improved for the people.  We aim to give support and aid that does not create dependency, but that helps people find hope and dignity again.  Mercy and aid that empowers them to try to move out of poverty.

We have seen, through our work in Fisantekraal and the other communities we have worked in over the years, that there are many people who are so poor, so addicted and/or sick, or so dis-empowered that they need support to rebuild their lives.  Before we can get someone to plant a garden to feed his family, we need to make sure he is well enough to work.  

We will continue with current support projects in 2013 and take on a new focus project of support which will be Trevor Manual Primary School in Fisantekraal.

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fisantekraal children
Fisantekraal children

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